Women’s Revolution: Solidarity with the International Women’s Strike

The Organization for a Free Society (OFS) supports the International Women’s Strike (U.S.) and its call to strike on March 8th, 2018. To strike is to exercise our collective power, a power that the oppressor tries to contain and suppress. Women strike on this day against decades of sexual abuse and misconduct, against racist bosses and corporations, against underpaid and unpaid labor. A majority of the victims of these assaults are women of color, immigrant women, working class women and trans/queer women. We strike in solidarity with women all over the world who have been denied access to resources that ensure their survival: healthcare, clean water, safe living conditions, food, education, and child care.

Women have been and are an integral part of the movement against imperialism, which is built upon the structural foundations of heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capital, and the state. Therefore, the liberation of women can only be realized through a revolutionary transformation of society, constructing a communism from below. From the Zapatistas in Mexico to the YPJ in Kurdistan, the rights we have now did not come to us with ease but were fought one step at a time. It is our duty, as part of a global left, to ensure everyone has a seat at the table and their voices are heard. Historically, the left has excluded certain voices making it necessary for new movements to arise that are based on the autonomy or independence of the excluded.

Through organizing in grassroots struggles across the nation, our comrades are working to dismantle the male-centered systems of exploitation. We stand in solidarity with IWS-US to put an end to white supremacy and all oppressive systems in the United States and globally. We will stand with our comrades, hand in hand, with our voices loud, to dismantle this misogynist state. The International Women’s Strike will be one action of many to bring us closer toward collective liberation.

On March 8th #WeStrike!

Organization for a Free Society (OFS)



Organization for a Free Society