The Center Will Not Hold : #DumpTrump on the road to revolution;

Dec. 22nd, 2016,  7-8pm @ Starr Bar, 214 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Rebel cities, pipeline shutdowns, and community self-defense will be necessary to resist the neo-fascist forces emboldened by the Trump presidency. However, to move beyond resistance, our movements will need a shared vision and program to revolutionize society from below. Join the Organization for a Free Society at the Starr Bar in BK to learn about the analysis, vision, and strategy of participatory socialism, and how such a perspective can guide our movements from the defense of people and planet, to achieving a democratic, egalitarian, decentralized, and ecological society.

Organization for a Free Society fights for participatory socialism, and helps build power and strategy in social movements, from occupy wall street, to low wage worker campaigns, to black lives matter.

The Starr Barr is a nightlife venue and home for the social justice community, supporting the MayDay Space in Bushwick. Dance, watch movies, listen to live music, and plan your next action with a drink in hand!


Organization for a Free Society