To apply for membership in the Organization for a Free Society (OFS), one must simply agree with our Points of Unity, agree to pay annual membership dues of $60 (with exceptions made in cases of financial hardship), and commit to actively participating in the life of the organization. To begin the application process, send an email to with the following information:


  1. Name, age, and current location.
  1. A short political biography explaining your interest and familiarity with revolutionary politics, why you want to become a member of our organization, and what projects you are most interested in.


We welcome comrades from many different levels of experience and walks of life to apply. We prioritize members of oppressed social groups when processing applications. Membership in OFS is often preceded by participation in one or more of our various projects, as this allows prospective members to familiarize themselves with our collective political praxis, and determine if OFS is a good fit.


Whenever possible, we encourage comrades to utilize secure communications by encrypting your email to our public PGP key.


If you feel more comfortable using Signal Private Messenger, you can send this information to: +19733462793