What People Are Saying About OFS

What People Are Saying About Organization For a Free Society:

(Love letters from our friends, and our haters)



  •  1. “Thank You Anarchy” By Nathan Schneider about Organization For a Free Society’s key role at the begining of the Occupy Wall Street movement (Pg 13) :

“New York’s activists at that point were splintered and frustrated, and no one group could do much of anything on its own.  One of them with a considerable role, the invitation-only Organization For a Free Society, was not the kind to announce its presence, and its members seemed to operate as individuals, not representative of a bloc.”

“Take Organization for a Free Society, really, please take it… sounds benign and non threatening; however a closer look reveals an organization that is bent on the destruction of America…Their beautifully written mission statement and other language on their web site, boiled down to basics, shows that the organization wants to replace our capitalist system with socialism at best.”

The Origins and Philosophy Behind Occupy Movement: