What People Are Saying About OFS

Love letters from our friends and haters:


  1. On OFS during Occupy: “New York’s activists at that point were splintered and frustrated, and no one group could do much of anything on its own.  One of them with a considerable role, the invitation-only Organization For a Free Society, was not the kind to announce its presence, and its members seemed to operate as individuals, not representative of a bloc.” – Nathan Schneider, “Thank You Anarchy” Pg 13.


  •  3. “Whenever I meet someone who is radicalizing, who is looking for a way to understand the world we live in and inspire hope that we can live in a fundamentally different and liberating society, OFS’s writing are some of the first pieces I share along with “Wretched of the Earth,” “Sister Outsider,” “This Bridge Called My Back” and models of change from Mexico to Spain.”

    -Uruj Sheikh, Campaign Manager, The Real News Network


  • 4. “[OFS is] an organization of organizers, a revolutionary organization involved in mass struggles… serious, smart…OFS liked to think long term…[with] no qualms about calling itself revolutionary…the radicalism of the core of the [Occupy] Movement is what baffled so many observers. ”

    Todd Gitlin, from “Occupy Nation” (pg 130) Professor of Journalism and Sociology, Colombia University. Founding member of SDS.

  • 5.  The MacIver Institute’s “The Free Market Voice For Wisconsin” take on OFS:

“OFS provides the political philosophy supporting the Occupy movement” 

from the video: “The Origins and Philosophy Behind Occupy Movement”