Is government surveillance getting you down? This is a beginner secure communications training; a first step on your Bilbo Baggan’s type quest to understand the scope of electronic mass surveillance and provide some concrete and helpful things you can do to protect your collective and individual Shires from the Eye of Saron that our government brands “the NSA.”

Join the Organization for a Free Society, the Mayday space, and longtime supporter, Jonathan, for an afternoon of getting your online house in order.  Jonathan has trained over 150 attorneys on cyber-security, privacy rights, and attorney client communications. He has also trained journalists, grantors and technologists at the Center for Constitutional Rights, Thoughtworks, the International Development Exchange, the Bertha Foundation, the Legal Clinics of CUNY School of Law, the NYC Lawyers Association, the Continuing Legal Resource Network at CUNY and others. In addition, he has provided training for civil society leaders from fifteen countries at the Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes (ENFF), in Brazil.

at 3:00pm6:00pm in EST

Mayday Space

176 Saint Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237

-Your computer.
-A new clean USB. Everyone who brings a USB will walk out of the training with the world’s most secure operating system and a suite of security tools!
-A donation of $10-20; no one turned away.
-Snacks to share

Organization for a Free Society

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